Mount Diablo Peace and Justice Center
Mount Diablo Peace and Justice Center

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Diablo For Peace

Diablo For Peace is a non-partisan collective of families of the East Bay Area concerned about the future of our country. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between generations, from Baby Boomers to Millennials and younger, through constructive discussion, education, collaboration and peaceful activism. Our intention is to create an intergenerational and multicultural community that serves to protect the integrity of the place we proudly call home, and to create a safe environment for all people who feel vulnerable in this era of uncertainty and increased violence.

Diablo For Peace is a youth-led intersectional anti-racism movement born in the hills of Mount Diablo. We organize panels, community discussions, donation drives, and other community-based efforts to alleviate our towns of the toxic effects of xenophobia/racism, classism and sexism. We focus especially on amplifying marginalized voices: young students, families of color, immigrants and refugees, for example. Our events feature a diverse selection of speakers, from local high school students to nationally renown anti-racist activists.

We also publish quarterly zines. They are free to print and distribute.

  • call of diablo, spring 2017: this zine is an introduction to anti-racism, featuring excerpts and writings from various feminists, anti-racists, and local activists.
  • diablo’s advocate, summer 2017: this zine specifically focuses on the prison-industrial complex and school-to-prison pipeline, which we used to accompany our community discussion with Love Not Blood Campaign
  • diablo’s advocate, fall 2017 (available upon request): this zine focuses on the anti-racist work of local high school activists
  • pocket guide to ohlone solidarity, winter 2017: this pamphlet is a handy introductory guide to what it means to be an ally or accomplice to the native Ohlone people of the East Bay, starting with basic understanding of Native Californian history and politics. (for more information, please visit Sogorea Te Land Trust)
  • building bridges lecture slides: these are the slides we use in our Racism 101 workshops


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We are a highly collaborative group open to organize with any community member who is willing to put in the work. If you have any questions, or would like to organize with us, please reach out to us.


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