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Peace in the News

dronesNow, last month Peace in the News featured the sad and bad. So this month we look at some more positive developments in the global struggle for Peace and Justice. Since most of you are so well-informed, we will again focus on just the headlines, and let you fill in the details.

  • Congress begins hearings into American deaths by drone attack, especially of three citizens apparently neither ‘specified’ for death nor accidentally killed.
  • Obama (again) begins to press for closure of Guantanamo and for US-based trials for those deemed actual terrorists— as the hunger strike and forced feedings at the prison continue into the fourth month.
  • Obama hints it may be time to wind down the “War on Terror”. Ya think!
  • Brookstone catalogue now offers personal surveillance drones, which should make our neighborhoods that much safer and may offer the best use of a Wal-Mart assault rifle (on the drone, not the neighbor).
    Well, this last one might not be so positive, but it certainly is thought-provoking!
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